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Hands-On Qt For Python Developers

Hands-On Qt For Python Developers

publication date: 2019.05.30

pages: 731

format: PDF

seller: Original Author Volodymyr Kirichinets

ZIP file (8.3 MB) contains:

  • File Hands_On_Qt_For_Python_Developers.pdf (5.3 MB)
  • Full instructions to start and code examples for each chapter (7.5 MB)
  • Completed PyQt application (493.2 KiB)
  • Completed PySide application (492.9 KiB)

The best book for developers who want to learn Qt for Python!

  • Python, Qt, and C++ with examples
  • QML and Qt Quick with examples
  • PyQt and PySide with examples
  • Graphics, Graphical Effects, and Multimedia
  • Working with Databases (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Signals, slots, and event handlers with examples
  • Threading and Multiprocessing in examples of large-scale constructions

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